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Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak founded the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, which throughout the years became a milestone in the development of Israeli dance. Their rare collaboration bred a charming and extraordinary combination, in which they developed a world of dance-theater unique to them. The Company, which they founded and led, stretched the boundaries of the genre and the Israeli discourse of dance, and won international recognition, prizes and collaborations - some that were first of their kind for Israeli artists, along with a large body of works commissioned and performed on the world's leading festivals and stages.

Throughout the years, the Company has been invited to represent Israel at some of the world's leading cultural centers. Pinto and Pollak were asked to choreograph for other troupes, opera houses and globally renowned cultural institutions. In 2003, the Wiesbaden Opera House in Germany ran a production of Gluck's "Armide", created by the pair and later also performed in Israel. In 2007, they collaborated with choreographer Robby Barnett to create "Rushes" for the renowned American dance troupe Pilobolus. In 2013 they created the musical "The Cat that Lived a Million Times" based on the book by Yoko Sano, in Tokyo. That same year they also choreographed "The Cunning Little Vixen", an opera by Leos Janacek, produced by the Bergen Opera House in Norway. In 2015 they were commissioned to create a musical play in Japan, based on "Rashumon".

In 2018, Inbal Pinto left the Company to start on a new journey, and the name was changed from the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company, to Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater, which has since produced two new works that continue the artistic vision. The Company has continued to forge new and exciting collaborations with local and international artists and institutions, including the Holon Design Museum, Tel Aviv's new Natural History Museum and some international opera houses.


2000 – Theater award in Performance Arts for "Oyster"

2006 – Best Performance, audience selection, at Zagreb Dance Festival

2006 – Performance prize for dancers and creators, for "Shaker", from the Ministry of Culture and Sports

2011 – Performance prize for dancers and creators for "Rushes Plus" and      "Toros", by Ministry of Culture and Sports

2014 – Dance Critics' Award for "Wallflower", best Israeli Dance Work

2016 – Performance prize for dancers and creators, "Wallflower", Ministry of Culture and Sports

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