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In keeping with Herman Melville's revolutionary work "Moby Dick", Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater in collaboration with artists Michael Faust and David Polonsky, present an unforgettable experience of an aesthetic and theatrical dance journey.

Moby D. is a  is a unique collaboration between Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater and the esteemed artists David Polonsky and Michael Faust. In a direct continuation of their groundbreaking shared works ("Waltz with Bashir" and "Legend of Destruction"), Polonsky and Faust now endeavor into Pollak's medium-crossing performance spaces, in a triple summit that presents the audience with an aesthetic multi-sensory experience that takes place in the subconscious worlds controlled by light and shadow, flickering and blending into a merge with the body, the language, words, flavors, illustrations and music.

In their new work, Pollak, Polonsky and Faust deal with the elusiveness of human language, as described by French philosopher Jacques Derrida: "Language is not perceived as an objective representation of reality, but as a collection of discrepancies that create a 'free play' of meaning. Language is built of layers of hidden meanings, some of which even the writer may not be aware of." In this sense, it is no wonder that the three turned to the image-rich language of Moby Dick in its restless pursuit of the hidden forms and treasures - both terrible and wonderful – hidden in the ocean.

Choreographer, Soundtrack, Light & Set design: Avshalom Pollak

Rehearsal Manager & Co-Creator: Michal Almogi Shalmon

Animation: Michael Faust, David Polonsky

Visual effects: Roiy Nitzan

Performers & Co-Creators: Zvi Fishzon, Mats Van Rossum, Rebecca Laufer, Oren Reviv, Doron Levanon, Reika Shirasaka, Patrick De Haan, Hila Regev, Shira Arbel

Costumes & Stylist: Shay Lee Nissim

Designers: Odelia Arnold, Ariel Bassan, Doron Ashkenazi, Muslin Brothers, Vautrait by yonathan Carmel

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