A new production from the Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater in collaboration with choreographer Andrea Martini

Adapted from a new book by Dorit Rabinyan

11.7 – 21:00   // 12.5 – 14:00  // 12.7 – 21:00


Yet once every few days, there are

Lovely days, like today,

When the whole world suddenly gleams –

Like some diamond.

Days like that cannot still her soul.

She must go out, go out and play.

Without a compass, without a watch, simply drift off to some place.


Surf at the beach above the water.

Sate the nostrils with air.

And so, all through the afternoon, eyes closed.

Dreaming again,

Wandering again.

Choreographery, Set, Costumes & Sound design: Avshalom Pollak, Andrea Martini // Writer: Dorit Rabinyan // Lighting Design: Yoann Tivoli // Narrator: Yossi Pollak // Costumes design: Maya Lebovitch // Rehearsal Director: Michal Almogi Shalmon

Performers: Zvi Fishzon, Giani Notranicola, Noga Harmelin, Marta Luiza Jankowska, Thomas Walschot,
Joy Kammin, Michal Rotman, Mats Van Rossum, Noa Hahn, Ofir Itah, Ahinoam Hay

“I have written novels for adults and books for children, but this is the first time I’ve attempted a piece for the stage. I’m proud to invite you to watch this unique collaboration between me and choreographers Avshalom Pollak and Andrea Martini, and to join this exciting journey we have made between the written word and the vibrancy of dance, between the rhymes and the dancers, the lights and the sounds. For me, this was an incomparable artistic adventure.” Dorit Rabinyan